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Jason Koch



Born in New Orleans, LA, USA, where I lived until I was 13. Moved to Colorado where I attended high school and university. After graduation, I lived in Austin, TX for three years (1997-2000).  After travelling through Latin America, I relocated to Orange County, California.


BS in Engineering, electrical specialty from Colorado School of Mines.

Minor in International Political Economy

Career Work Experience:

Telogis (Costa Mesa, CA 4/2001-present)--principle in a GPS fleet management software company.

Motorola (Austin, TX 9/1997-10/2000)--worked in semiconductor fabrication as a process engineer.

Texas Instruments (Dallas, TX 1996)-- semiconductor failure analyst. The job was essentially a 9 month internship.

Travel Experience:

Spring-Summer 1996: Nine months in Central America, including Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica.

Summer 1997: 2 and a half months in Central/Northern India.

Fall 2000-Spring 2001: Latin America by Motorcycle.


Soccer, skiing, motorcycles, mountain biking, travel, Spanish.


Growing Telogis into a sizeable company.