I have become a maniac. I have seen 10 lanes of traffic converge into one, via a chaotic process of honking, nudging, squeezing, and shouting. I have been pinned up against the median, while a Capitalino (a Mexican from Mexico City) shouted profanities at me and my motorcycle. In that moment, I realized my mania by shouting profane retorts in a streaming display of Spanish worthy of any Mexican truck driver.

Self actualization in this sense is something I never thought possible. But in dire situations, such as Mexico City's rush hour, new feelings and actions are brought forth. Throw me into Los Angeles during peak rush hours. Toss me into Rome during Holy Week. Bring on Tokyo, London, New York, and Delhi. I am ready--I have entered Mexico's capital and emerged unscathed after four days and nights of road warrioring. Perhaps it was of my own volition that I transformed into a raving lunatic on a 1000cc BMW motorcycle. Perhaps it was the shopowner in the Ford Tempo next to me, shouting offers to buy my bike while we careened at 50 mph in traffic. Perhaps it was the policeman on his 80's vintage (or dilapidated) Harley Davidson, who urged me to splice between cars: "Adelante jefe, estas en moto" [go through them, buddy, you're on a motorbike]. Or, perhaps it was the 70,000 green VW beetle taxis, demonstrating the zen of weaving in and out of traffic to board and de-board clients.

Whatever the reasons, what is done is done, and I can only pray that safety accompanies the mania. Are they mutually exclusive? Can mania be safe? I am currently searching to buy a popular bumpersticker: "Jesus es mi copiloto" [Jesus is my co-pilot] --to assist my driving and calm my nerves.

bye y'all, catch you at the next pyramid,


H o m e
S t o r i e s f r o m t h e R o a d
P h o t o A l b u m s
B i k e I n f o
W h o A m I
E m a i l M e

Where Am I? San Miguel de Allende

Current Mileage (from COLO):


Spanish Lesson of the day:

No mamas, guey!

Figuratively: Whatever, man, chill out!

Literally: Quit sucking, you stupid bull's horns.

Best Colonial towns in Mexico:

1. Guanajuato

2. San Miguel de Allende

3. Oaxaca

4. Morelia

5. Puebla

6. Taxco










Picture Index

Top Left: Basilica, Guanajuato

Top Right: Unknown, Guanajuato

Middle Left: Figure in Santo Domingo, Oaxaca City

Middle Center: Street View, San Miguel de Allende

Middle Right: La Parroquia, San Miguel de Allende

Bottom: Monte Alban, Oaxaca

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