Baja California 10-17-2000

Sometimes you wander and don't find exactly what you had in mind, only to be pleasantly surprised. To be specific, tacos were on the brain, and I settled for Pizza. The pleasant surprise was not high quality pizza, but rather a 2-for-1 special. So for 27 pesos, I had double the food and nothing to complain about. I have no projects, no deadlines (and no paycheck)--so these are the things I worry about. Pardon me while I reminisce about the last couple of days tripping through baja...

H o m e
S t o r i e s f r o m t h e R o a d
P h o t o A l b u m s
B i k e I n f o
W h o A m I
E m a i l M e

Where Am I? La Paz, BCS, MX


Current Mileage (from COLO)

1,950 miles



Baja is full of curvy roads, winding through cacti laden mountains and desert plains, all supported by the deep blue-green of the Sea of Cortez. Perfect for motorcycling. The ride today capped a week long journey from Tijuana to La Paz. Riding the bike feels great--close to the road, close to the weather, close to the vistas. I've also named my bike "Abeja", Spanish for bee. It matches its bumblebee black and yellow paintjob. (It's hard to talk to a bike if you don't have a name for it, and after 200 miles, I get tired of talking to myself.)

Besides the riding, the people I have met have been quite interesting. I ran into John and Julian at a military checkpoint. Julian, on a homemade contraption, is setting the Guiness Record for around-the-world travel on a motor-trike. His trike has a VW bug engine and motorcycle front-end, all strapped to a custom frame. He definitely is straight out of Mad Max:

John, his companion, is riding an older BMW motorbike, and is chasing a bit of freedom after just receiving his Stanford law degree. Last night we illegally (but unwittingly, of course) camped together on a beach, just next to a camping ground where a gringo ex-pat charges other gringos $6 to camp. We didn't actually realize it until the morning. John and Julian also endeavored to feed me spaghetti with an interesting meat sauce. The meat was a mix between hot dogs and cubed steak, with a rich texture. Quite flavorful. Unfortunately, as I discovered in the morning, it was dog food. Travel throws a lot of things at you, but two newly met gringos serving up dog food? This was a little extreme, but the more you look at Julian's trike, the more accepting I have become. Anyways, by 6am, the proprietor of the campground was threatening to call the police, so the three of us decided to clear out. To my advantage, I was feeling uncommonly frisky...

And now, in La Paz, all is serene. Pizza-ful stomach, and a little sharing time with the email contraption. In a couple of days I should be hitting Mexico mainland. I'll be in touch.

Spanish lesson of the day:

Disculpame, yo pense que este era el bano para HOMBRES?!

Forgive me, I though this was the BOY'S bathroom?!

Anybody need a cactus. I know this farm...


Y'all take it easy, Ciao,




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